Clivus Multrum™ Low Profile Composting Toilet


The CM LP system is a specialised design for tiny homes with a low underfloor clearance requirement of only 450mm. This composting toilet model is ideal for a couple looking to install a composting toilet into their tiny house.
This product is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2:2008 and is currently certified for use in most states.

Features and Benefits
  • 2020 Good Design Award Winner
  • A world-first in its innovative design includes an inbuilt compost mixer, increasing volume and efficiency
  • Designed by engineers Australian Innovation Patent No.2020100970
  • Australian Made
  • Easy to assemble onsite and requires minimal ongoing maintenance Higher quality – these units are built to last!
  • Price competitive

Supplied by

Ecoflo Wastewater Management is a manufacturer and retailer of domestic and commercial waterless composting toilets that are environmentally smart and cost-effective. We are an Australian business located in Brisbane Queensland. We research, design, test, manufacture, assemble and are a retail agent all set within our Brisbane premises for a wide range of waterless toilets and greywater systems for domestic, commercial, off-grid, camping and eco-accommodation based purposes.

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