Grand Sojourner



To ‘sojourn’ means to rest, abide, dwell or stay. It’s about having a break from the journey, to be refreshed. There is an element of temporariness to it which we feel is captured by the relocatable nature of our homes. You can stop awhile, & move on in your own time, taking your resting place with you.

The Grand Sojourner  – Our Most Versatile Model

The 3 bed or multi-purpose rooms, lend themselves to an array of possibilities. Downstairs can be the master bedroom, kids bedroom (with space for bunks/desks/cupboards, study etc. Likewise, both lofts can be utilised as bedrooms, study, additional living/entertainment room/study/storage. There is head height for a couch or to sit at a desk. We can include customised cupboards/shelves, purpose-built beds or desks to make the Grand Sojourner your small but highly functional and luxurious home or guest space. The pictured model has 1 downstairs & 2 lofts and sleeps 2,4 or 6 people, but other layouts are also available.


We build 5 key components into every Tiny House including the ‘Sojourner’:

  1. Highest Quality Materials & Workmanship meaning our houses will age well & last for generations
  2. A sense of Beauty & Inspiration in the aesthetics & space created
  3. Clever Design & high-level Functionality so that the small space is no hindrance to daily living
  4. Maximum Comfort, including space for a real couch & all the mod cons and luxuries you’d like to include in a traditional home
  5. Full Off-Grid Capability for those seeking to reduce their footprint & make their Tiny House fully self-sufficient & sustainable‘The Grand Sojourner’.

FAMILY HOME – Set up for a high standard of living with all the mod cons, you could live comfortably in the Grand Sojourner with the whole family full time or part-time, enjoying the flexibility of relocation when needed. Focus on what’s important, deepen your family relationships by not escaping to separate corners of the house but by doing life together.

DOWNSIZING OR RETIREMENT – As you get older, it’s nice to simplify life and you just don’t want to spend your time maintaining a large house. With the Grand Sojourner, you don’t have to climb loft ladders but have a generous downstairs bedroom, with lofts available for guests or storage. With a murphy bed option to create space for a craft/reading/hobby desk you can pursue the things you love, & being relocatable, you can park in your kid’s backyard, move somewhere else when it’s time & enjoy a high level of flexibility. You’ve also got ample storage space.

FAMILY OR GUEST ACCOMMODATION – With no DA council approval needed to park it behind your house for a member of your household, you can simply drive your Grand Sojourner Tiny House into your backyard and have a new, self-contained accommodation space ready to use.

“hoyss-line” (sort of!)

A ‘Häuslein’ is a small dwelling with a big heart. It’s warm, the lights are on, you’re welcome here. We named our company Häuslein Tiny House Co because of our German heritage as well as our appreciation for German quality engineering which we seek to reflect in our tiny house builds. The Häuslein Tiny House Co was founded in early 2018 by four friends with a shared passion to make a big impact in people’s lives. We are strategically located in Port Macquarie (halfway between Sydney and Brisbane).

We’re passionate about a few things. We believe life is for living and enjoying. It’s about relationships and building a lifestyle that has time for the little things. Growing gardens, delicious, wholesome meals cooked at home, laughter around the table, tinkering on what you love, together. We want to live and promote the less-stressed life where we can be refreshed to be productive and give our best to the world and those around us. We want to live sustainably, generously and creatively, maximising resources and keeping it simple.


  • Lot dimensions:
  • Beds:
  • Price:
  • Property Status:
  • Sleeps:


  • 3.5kw Reverse Cycle A/C
  • Bar Stools
  • Bottom-Mount Fridge
  • Composting Toilet or Incinerator Toilet
  • Custom Blinds or Curtains
  • Custom LED Light Fittings
  • Custom Timber Sink
  • Drawer Dishwasher
  • Gas Oven / Cooktop
  • Off Grid
  • On Grid
  • Skylight
  • UHD Smart TV
  • Washer / Dryer Combo

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